Does Cigarette Kill you?

Find out how Cigarette affect your health status

In every year calendar, the vast consumption of nicotine termed Cigarette rages to the vital pinnacles of over 50% death rate as reported by the world health organisations.

Several sources have disclosed that cigarette harms almost every organ of the body which has also spanned to the peak of destroying 70% of its victim’s cells.

This is one of the major reasons we have explored to enlighten you about the harmful effect, cigarettes can deploy on your health status if you are a smoking addict.

Does Cigarette Kill you? 

This is high time you navigate through the effect to know how effortlessly nicotine destroys the efficiency of almost all the body’s organs.

Lung hazard 

Cigarette has quite resulted in most of the lung hazards the world health organisation record most often.

As disclosed by Wikipedia, America record over 23, 000 victims of lung hazard which sometimes leads to the death count adding to the awful number of death America record as a whole every single year.

Cigarette damages the lung because of their basic content ‘Nicotine’ which their victims inhale at a higher proportion.

This nicotine has been termed the pinnacle of most cancers smokers often suffer which also result in death.

When a smoker inhales the burning smoke of a cigarette, nicotine metabolises with the body to spark an increase in proliferation, angiogenesis, migration, invasion, epithelial to mesenchymal transition, and stimulation of autocrine loops associated with tumour growth.

Vast consumption of cigarettes can also spark a greater risk of developing and dying from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

Heart disease 

The high inhaling rates of cigarette has also spanned in affecting the heart negatively to the core of death.

The world health organisations have warned smokers of the risk nicotine dishes to human heart efficiency.

Smoking causes the blood to thicken which span to vast blood clots that affect the unlimited blood in the heart.

When this clotting becomes massive, it blocks the proper blood flow which thrusts instant heart attack that results in death in most victims.

This also spans to brain malfunction which sparks when nicotine blocks proper blood flow in the brain. It transpires when an enormous clotting slab the arteries and veins that circulate blood from the heart to the brain.

Fertility traumas 

Cigarette also aids in most fertility problems most of the world couples has been experiencing since the peak of their existence to date.

Cigarette contents like tobacco are embossed with the ability to act with women’s reproductive hormones and damage them thereby causing fertility difficulty.

In men, nicotine reduces the quality of sperm and also influences infertility at a high rate.

The high consumption rate of cigarettes also destroys men’s sexual ability by impending weakness with their erections.

In pregnant women, smoking  cigarettes causes the following; the risk of ectopic pregnancy, reducing the baby’s birth weight, increasing the risk of preterm delivery, damaging the fetus’s lungs, brain, and central nervous system
increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome contributing to congenital abnormalities, such as cleft lip and cleft palate.

Attacks the Immune System 

Cigarettes’ basic contents attack the immune system thereby giving vast space for diseases causing pathogens to attack their victim.

According to Wikipedia, they portray this by suppressing neutrophils’ phagocytic activity that affects chemotaxis, kinesis, and cell signalling.

A cigarette addict also suffers from swelling which is caused when its major substance chocks off the blood vessel.

Having explored the vast view of these points, you are advised to deter smoking because they are highly dangerous to your health.

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