I did you a favour in the past- Halima Abubakar calls out Linda Ikeji, warns her

Actress Halima Abubuakar has given a severe warning to prominent blogger and businesswoman Linda Ikeji in response to a blog post Linda published about her.

Since her return to social media, the Nollywood actress has been shaming her colleagues and everyone who shared a tent with her archenemy.

Remember how Halima Abubakar opened up a box of worms regarding her relationship with a priest, Apostle Johnson Suleman, and her senior colleague, Shan George, in September?

Halima Abubakar reopened their fight by sharing screenshots of an alleged conversation between Shan George and the cleric.

In the chat, Apostle asked if Halima had any proof against her, and Shan George responded that the actress isn’t smart enough to retain it.

She was fuming at Shan George and wondered why the actress was after her.

Shan George disseminated false reports about her having cancer four years ago, according to Halima. Shan George, on the other hand, apologized.

Halima Abubakar threatened to reveal further details about her contact with the priest.

In another tweet, Halima warned the actress to stop defending him because she would come to regret it.

Given that the actress has children, Halima believes the Apostle would harm Shan George the most. More information is available here.

Linda Ikeji, like many other news outlets, covered the news; however, Halima Abubakar was dissatisfied with the manner the blogger covered hers.

Linda Ikeji was allegedly paid to present her in a negative way, according to Halima Abubakar.

Halima then reminded Linda of the favor she had done for her.

She wrote in her Instagram story,

“Dear Linda Ikeji sup Linda? You good? Ok straight to the point dear, pls Linda, if you don’t post my story on ur IG, pls don’t post it on ur blog. You picked a side already…why posting codedly? I did u favor in d past Linda. Let’s keep that energy. Keep doing ur pr gyal. Aiit mad at that”.

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