Nigerian man storms banks, asks them to close his account because they didn’t send him birthday message (video)

Chineke Boy, a Nigerian comedian, caused a stir by visiting banks during working hours to register an unusual complaint.

The comedian approached two different banks to question them about not sending him a birthday text greeting, claiming that all they know how to do is deduct charges and VAT from clients’ accounts.

The content creator stated that he turned a new age the day before, but no one remembered to celebrate him as other banks did.

In an internet video, he can be seen in the banking hall yelling at security and customer service to terminate his account immediately or send him a text message on the spot.

Other clients in the hall, including some bank employees, started laughing as soon as he stated this.

He ranted so loudly at one point that people began singing him a birthday song.

However, towards the end of the drama, he revealed that he was a comedian and that he just intended to raise a disturbance, and then he left the bank.

View the video below:

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